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CannaBride is the first wedding blog to focus exclusively on brides that use marijuana. Think of us as the Knot for Stoners. Founded in April 2014, this site features 420 friendly vendors in all fields, including photography, bakeries, gifts, catering, music, fashion and more. We also cover traditional bridal shows and shops to curate the top items we feel every weed loving bride or groom would love.

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Ganja Yoga

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About Ganja Yoga:

Wedding planning can be stressful. Relax with Ganja Yoga.

Featured in The New York Times, High Times, and Cannabis Now, Ganja Yoga is for relaxation, pain-relief, and stress-management. Dee Dussault is a certified hatha yoga teacher with twenty years of practice. She is the first yoga teacher to bring cannabis-enhanced practice to the public. Her specialty is high-quality instruction, based on mindfulness and good alignment for injury-prevention. She loves working with beginners and all body types. She also works with couples!

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Laura DeMerchant Photography

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About Laura DeMerchant Photography:

Laura DeMerchant Photography is available to shoot cannabis weddings, engagement photos, and other special events across the country. Over the last 30 years, she has developed her photography skills and has shot weddings, family portraits, children, pets, nature, fashion, travel and product photography. Laura has a photojournalistic style and a unique ability to see beyond the lens in anticipation of her next shot. Laura has also photographed on all seven continents.

Currently based in San Diego and Los Angeles, but available to travel anywhere to shoot. Video production services available.

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Are Weed Bars At Weddings Kosher?

Weed Bar Daily BeastTwenty-eight years after Bob Marley romanticized marijuana, the drug has earned top billing in the ultimate love-fest: weddings.

In Washington, Colorado, Alaska, and Oregon—the four states where it’s recreationally legal —“weed weddings” have gone from a fun idea to a lucrative reality. Through sites like CannaBride.com and LoveandMarij.com ganja-loving brides and grooms can find everything from 420-focused caterers to kush-pushing florists.

The most recent event to generate buzz is that of a couple in Portland, Oregon, who opted to serve marijuana instead of alcohol at their wedding. Whitney Alexander and John Elledge’s “weed tent” featured 13 varieties of cannabis, chic white couches, a budtender, and free transportation following the event. Alexander, whose new husband is a longtime medical marijuana employee, says they went to great lengths to ensure the safety of their guests.

“The tent was set well away from the rest of the reception, and facing away from the crowd to control where the smoke went,” the bride told The Huffington Post. “There were actually guests that had no idea it was there until after the fact.” According to the state’s Measure 91, which legalized marijuana in November of last year, serving marijuana is only legal where alcohol isn’t being served.

The couple, who don’t consume alcohol or marijuana, were happy to surrender booze for bud. The guests, it seems, were too. Elledge said he was “shocked” by how much of a hit the “cannabar” was—it even attracted an 81-year-old who hadn’t smoke since the 1960s. “I’m still getting a couple of texts a day from guests who enjoyed the weed tent,” he said.

While undoubtedly the most famous weed-themed wedding thus far, Alexander and Elledge’s wasn’t the first. A Colorado-based weed wedding and event guide company called Love and Marij has successfully carried out three weed-themed weddings in the past three months—one of which also featured a cannabar.

The first was on May 30 with a couple in Colorado, Maria and Eric, who were more interested in a cannabis aesthetic for their ceremony than actual bar. The two aimed to achieve what Love and Marij called a “refined and sophisticated wedding,” that would “[blow away] the common perceptions associated with cannabis use.”

They may have done just that. Immaculate photos of the fresh-faced couples are, at first, seemingly representative of a typical outdoor wedding. Upon closer look, they paint the picture of a subtle cannabis-infused ceremony more focused on the flower itself then the high it produces. Among the features: an eco hemp and silk wedding dress, a bud-infused bouquet and boutonniere, cannabis leaf pizzelles, and silver vape pens. The venue, a cannabis-friendly bed and breakfast, didn’t allow actually smoking on the premises. (Allegedly.)

Whitney Alexander and John Elledge’s “weed tent” featured 13 varieties of cannabis, chic white couches, a budtender, and free transportation following the event.

A month before the now-famous Oregon weed bar, a San Francisco-based couple named Jenny and Ryan opted for a full-service weed bar at a private 420-friendly ranch in Colorado. To ensure their guests could smoke or vape freely and feel comfortable enough to relax afterwards, the couple brought a colorful “giant dome” they call “the shady waffle” all the way from SF. Filled with comfortable lounge chairs and couches, it provided a perfect way for guests to unwind.

The multi-colored shady waffle is either a work of genius or an easy target for ridicule, depending on who you ask. In photographs, it seems to combine the fun of a gym class parachute and the crunchy granola of a Portlandia wedding episode. A bluegrass band plays inside as colorfully dressed hippies appear to be dancing the jig. 

The woman behind the event, Johanna Patton of Distinctive Mountain Events, admitted to being a bit skeptical when the couple called her initially. But after the success of the ceremony, she’s ready to help others find the same high. “If you don’t believe it can happen, you just haven’t been to one,” she says of weed weddings. “There wasn’t anything low end, sneaky, dirty, or ugly about the experience. It just happened. I don’t think anyone flinched.”

-reprinted from the Daily Beast by Abby Haglage

Independence Day Cannabis Wedding

Chris and Kelly are two Colorado natives that love cannabis and their country. Married on the 4th of July, their incorporation of weed in their wedding was anything but subtle. We’re calling this look Rocky Rebel. We’d like to thank Pasiflora Photography for sharing these gorgeous photos.

Chris and Kelly Sissel were married on July 4, 2015. They incorporated sacred geometry, in the form of the Flower of Life, into a sign announcing their marriage.

chris and kelly sissel weed wedding

Rather than hide her personality, the bride played off the green tones in her tattoos with a gorgeous green cannabis leaf bouquet. The result is stunning.

Bride with cannabis bouquet weed wedding

Wedding rings for the bride and groom patiently waiting on pot leaves.

weed wedding rings cannabis

Cannabis couples buck tradition in numerous ways and often opt for a close friend to marry them instead of a religious officiant.

cannabis couple wedding vows

Wedding dabs are more fun than wedding toasts!

Weed Wedding Dab Hits

couple weed wedding dabs

We love the fancy glass pipes.

Cannabis Wedding Dab Hits

Cannabis enhances the enjoyment of music. Chris and Kelly chose to enhance the natural beauty of their wedding by choosing drums and percussion instruments that wedding guests could play themseleves.

drums weed wedding colorado

Beautiful crystals amplified the positive energy bubbling out of this beautiful cannabis wedding.

Weed Wedding Crystal

Couples who use cannabis know play and laughter are important to a long and happy marriage. Who wants to play jenga at their wedding?

jenga love cannabis wedding

Children even got to pan for gold, an activity that fit perfectly with the playful nature theme of the wedding.

panning for gold weed wedding

This nontraditional couple is able to seamlessly mix classic wedding backdrops like a rustic barn with elements of their personal style.

cannabis wedding couple bride groom

Because the beautiful couple got married on the 4th of July, a nearby fireworks display delighted guests and was a backdrop for romantic pictures.

weed wedding fireworks

Cannabis is for lovers.

heart cannabis wedding

Dalton with Pasiflora Photography loves to shoot cannabis weddings and events like this one. Book him for your wedding at Dalton@PasifloraPhotography.com or 561-537-6006 and tell him you found him on CannaBride!

Pasiflora Photography

Pasiflora Photography

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Dalton Clements

Pasiflora Photography




About Pasiflora Photography:

Pasiflora Photography is available to shoot cannabis weddings, engagement photos, and other special events across the country. He has shot weddings featured on TLC reality television shows and loves to work with nontraditional couples. Pasiflora Photography captures your true beauty and memories of the most special days of your life.


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Independence Day Cannabis Wedding


Cannabis Concierge

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Bec Koop

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Cannabis Concierge Offers These Services:

  • Booking 420 friendly venues and restuarants
  • Booking 420 friendly lodging for you and your guests
  • Arranging high-end vaporizer rental for vacation use
  • Booking bridal dress appointments at shops with hemp or natural fiber dresses
  • Booking 420 friendly limo services for dispensary tours, weddings, cooking infusion classes, private smoking lounges
  • Arranging hemp linen services
  • Arranging appointment with best dispensaries and budtenders to choose your “Wedding Weed” or “Special Event Buds”
  • Arranging meetings with executive pastry chefs for “Edible Goodies”
  • Booking graphic designers for your menus, programs, invitations and thank you cards to be printed on hemp paper
  • Arranging appointments with cannabis florist for all your floral needs


Nail Art For Cannabis Friendly Brides


Cannabis friendly brides can incorporate hints of green or even marijuana leaf nail art into their wedding day manicures. Whether you want to be romantic, simple, or edgy, we’ve got your inspiration for the ultimate cannabride manicure:

mint manicure caviar beads

1. Mint Green With Gold Caviar Accent Nail Manicure: Mint green pairs well with a single accent nail covered with white and/or gold caviar beads. Silver, black or even green caviar beads can be substituted for more edgy brides. A top coat must be applied very carefully after beads have dried to make sure beads don’t fall out on your special day. This manicure will not last more than a day, so keep that in mind.

To DIY, read this tutorial by The Art of Beauty: Caviar Nail Tutorial

Supplies You’ll Need:

Gold and/or White Caviar Beads

Mint Nail Polish

Top Coat

If you’re a clutz, take bring some supplies to your nail salon.

photo credit: GrapeFizz Nails

caviar green nail art manicure

Another variation is doing all nails caviar instead of just one.

photo credit: GlamBistro

heart caviar nail manicure

2. White Nails with Green Caviar Heart Accent Nail Manicure: A variation on number one for more edgy brides. It’s hard to get mint caviar beads, so you’ll like end up with standard green beads. A really talented nail artist could even make a green caviar pot leaf on your nail, but we think a green heart would be way cute since it’s our CannaBride logo!

To DIY, read this tutorial by The Art of Beauty: Caviar Nail Tutorial

Supplies You’ll Need:

Green Caviar Beads

White Nail Polish

Top Coat

If you’re a clutz, take bring some supplies to your nail salon.

photo credit: Zesty Fashion

lace nail manicure

3. Lace Stamp Manicure: White lace stamping over mint nail polish would look beautiful and romantic. DIY at home with this tutorial by Syl and Sam. You could also do white polish with mint green lace for a more subtle manicure.

lace nail manicure supplieslace nail manicurelace nail manicure lace nail manicure

Supplies you’ll need:

Konad Nail Art Stamping Polish in White (Or Green)

Nail Art Stamping Kit with Plates, Stamper & Scraper

The Exact Nail Plate M71 in the Picture

Your Favorite Base Color Nail Polish in Mint Green (Or White)

Top Coat

Nail Polish Remover

Beauty Pads

If you’re a clutz or have a beauty IQ take the idea to your local nail salon. You may have to bringsome supplies, like the specific nail plate you want from the picture.

photo credit: LuLus

Dotted French Manicure Nails

4. Dotted French Manicure Nail Art: Do your nails with white with mint dots instead or do mint with white dots. It’s quirky romantic cannabride.

Supplies You’ll Need:

Dotting Nail Art Tool

White Nail Polish

Mint Nail Polish

Sheer Nail Polish Applied Over Nail To Soften Dots

Top Coat

french ombre nails

5. Ombre French Nails: Fade from white tips to subtle mint and stay a romantic cannabride. You can also do mint tips to beige. It’s also called a French Manicure Gradient if your nail salon is confused. Try this tutorial or watch the video below:

Supplies You’ll Need:

Top Coat

White Nail Polish or Beige Nail Polish

Mint Nail Polish

Makeup Sponge

Plastic Sheet or Foil


gold pot leaf nail art decals

6. Pot Leaf Nail Decals: The easiest way to add 420 flair to your bridal manicure is with an easy gold or green marijuana leaf decal on one accent nail added to a traditional white manicure. You can also do mint nails with a gold pot leaf decal. So DIY.

Supplies You’ll Need:

Top Coat

White Nail Polish or Mint Nail Polish

Gold Pot Leaf Decals or  Green Pot Leaf Decals

white manicure green pot leaf nail art decals

Want to share your favorite 420 friendly nail designs? We can feature them on CannaBride if you email us at michele@cannabride.com.

Buds & Blossoms

Buds & Blossoms

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Bec Koop

(970) 531-9087

Serving: Denver Front Range &

High Country Colorado



About Buds & Blossoms:

Bec first started working in the Cannabis industry as a budtendress and helping out for a locally owned mom and pop edible company. From handling cannabis every weekday and flowers every weekend for her traditional floral business, she thought it would be a wonderful fusion of “Buds in Bouquets” and “Budonnieres” to bring the her two career paths together.

Bec has owned her traditional wedding floral business, Bec’s Blossoms, since  2011 and was delighted once cannabis became recreationally legal January 2014. Now any cannabis enthusiast can incorporate their ‘love of the bud’ to their wedding day festivities or to any special event!  It’s just like keeping the top layer of your wedding cake but better! Your “Budonniere” and “Buds in Bouquets” arrangements  can be enjoyed on your wedding night or even saved for your one year anniversary if you want to be traditional about it! Go check out an awesome dispensary, choose and purchase your wedding weed in your favorite strains and let them be part of your wedding day or special event arrangements.


Edible Events

Edible Events






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Jane West

Edible Events Co.

400 Santa Fe Drive, Ste 420

Denver, CO 80204

(720) 628-0486



About Edible Events:

Edible Events Co. was created with one goal in mind, to maximize your cannabis experience and stimulate your heightened awareness of taste, smell, sights & sounds via artfully choreographed events that are incredible experiences.

Our exclusive events that cater to your senses and combine visually stunning venues with decadent food and libations to create a unique, unforgettable evening affair. Edible Events Co. showcases the very best Denver has to offer in the culinary, cannabis & art scene.

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